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Online event management and technology solutions to cater for all events and change how you manage your registrants.


We make it easier to attract more attendees to your event. Our registration system is the perfect solution for your website or email campaigns, maximising your attendance numbers.


Create multiple tickets,
all within the one booking.
Scan and track,
attendance to each of your events.

Abstracts Online

Manage your academic submissions all within our abstract management system. Organisers, Authors and Reviewers all have access to the system, allowing authors to submit their papers, reviewers to review against a scoring criteria, and organisers or committees to accept or reject the submission.

Memberships Online

Our online membership management technology enables you to collect membership fees online and keep a track of all the members. The system deploys an automated email method to keep the members updated about their membership renewal.

Organiser Portal

A Full Conference Project Management System
A new way to manage your events and your event team

Match your Branding

Easily choose colours and upload banners to match your branding. Every part of the system is customisable allowing a seemless transition from your website or email campaigns.

Create unlimited events

We have no upfront fees or limitations to you using our system, you can create as many events as you want, and add as many users as you need.

Collect data securely

Your registrants data is safe with our system using the latest data security techniques. We also guarantee we will never email your registrants for marketing purposes.

Generate reports

Accountant approved reporting and a real‑time reconciliation report makes managing your events funds easy.